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System Management/Quality environment and occupational health and safety policy

  • Product quality and customer demand is the eternal pursuit of enterprises;
  • Resource conservation and environment friendly is enterprise duty;
  • Employees’ health and safety of the enterprise’s development;
  • Discipline and continuous improvement is the foundation of enterprise management.

1. Quality target

The passing rate of the first time product inspection exceed 99% passing rate,High Quality rate of Main sulphonated products exceed 95% Customer satisfaction acuity 99%.

2. Environmental objectives
Wastewater discharge reaches the national emission standard   requirements, including 450mg acuities/COD emissions, Wastewater discharge sampling rate was 99.5% Emission reaches the national emission standard requirements, including SO2 emissions than 300mg/Nm3, Emissions sampling rate was 99.5% Safe disposal of solid waste, solid waste disposal rate was 100%.

3.  Occupational health and safety objecties
To achieve wipe out "Seven major hazard", that is destroyed and eliminate, poisoning accidents, serious casualty, serious fire accident, major explosion accident, major trade and capital accident, major social influence the safety and environmental accidents. To achieve "Two reduce", that is, to reduce the hurt rate of thousand people, and the accident frequency, hurt rate of thousand people lower than 3‰, accident frequency lower than 5‰



  • Standard:Business license


    Issue Date:2014-01-16

    Expiry Date:2034-01-16

    Scope/Range:Detergent Raw Materials、Chemicals The technology development and sales; Invested industrial; internal trade, Goods and technolog

    Issued By:Shenzhen market supervision and administration

  • Standard:Foreign trade business certificate


    Issue Date:2015-03-01

    Expiry Date:2034-01-16

    Scope/Range:Raw materials and products,The import and export of equipment and parts

    Issued By:China's foreign trade

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